Air Max Plus For Woman

In 1998 during a super techsperimental sneaker era, Nike dropped an atomic sneaker bomb in the form of the Air Max Plus, also known on the street as the TN or Tuned 1. With its teched-out kinetic design harnessing an all-new cushioning system, the TN rang a bell that still has ears ringing today. As the AM95 introduced a fresh method of colour-blocking, the gradient upper on the TN was a revelation and the OG Hyper Blue and Orange Tiger releases are still eye-popping today. Certain shoes have attracted bad-boy reputations, largely on account of the company they keep, and in the TN’s case, it’s definitely the go-to shoe for ne’er-do-wells. Indeed, the TN’s somewhat thuggish personality is highly prized in certain urban enclaves in Europe and Australia.

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